It’s Science, No It’s Magick, Wait – It’s Both!

What is Magick?

“To put it quite simply, Magick is the manipulation of energy. It is both spiritual and yet it is scientific.”

              You See, we are all comprised of energy. I am not talking about some far-out hypothetical belief system (not that there’s anything wrong with that!), I am talking about the fact that our bodies, the earth, the universe, EVERYTHING, is actually comprised of the exact same stuff on an atomic scale.

                                           The History of This Revelation

If you take your hand, and you zoom in far enough you will be looking at a cell. Cells themselves, were first discovered in the year 1665, by Robert Hooke, a fascinating man, and of all places, in a wine cork! Fun Fact- Hooke was also obsessed over the weather and helped to invent scientific weather predictions.

He was interested in a very wide range of scientific endeavors, which makes it all the more odd that he never turned the microscope inward to realize that that we too, humans, are also comprised of cells. How naive people were back then, to think that Human Beings were not a part of the world in which we live. They assumed that we were somehow separate from the world they observed around them. Silly old scientists! However, I still have to give Hooke some credit because his work did inspire and ignite curiosity into the heart of the man who did discover human cells.

What Does This Have To Do With Magick?

Now I must pause here for a minute and tell you why I am giving you a history lesson on cells when I am describing how magick works. It is this scientific path that eventually led to the discovery of the atom, which made known, that we are all comprised of energy.  Again, what is Magick? It is the manipulation of energy. It is because we are made of energy, that we can manipulate it. I have the utmost confidence that our creator wanted us to make these discoveries, in order for us to fully comprehend our tremendous capabilities. I also sincerely believe however, that the creator has a GREAT sense of humor. How  the discovery came about, is just too funny, too ironic, not to have been planned.

The Universe Plays a Joke

The man who made one of the greatest discoveries of all time, his name was Anthony Van Leeuwenhock. Let’s call him Anton for short. Anton lived in a time, that in normal circumstances, he would NOT have been allowed to become a scientist. Scientist at that time (and many still today) behaved more likes a “boys club” and only the social elites could become a part of this club. Anton grew up poor, his parents being simple basket makers and brewers. This excluded him from joining the “Boys Club” of scientists in his day


So, to me, it’s hilarious that out of so many scientists in the world, a man with NO formal scientific training whatsoever, was the first person to have the freakin foresight to look at humans through a microscope, making one of the Biggest discoveries of mankind.




It’s not like others hadn’t had the chance. Keep in mind here that the microscope had been around since 1590. It took 75 YEARS after the microscope had been invented for Hooke to discover the cells in the cork material. It does make me wonder, what in the heck were they even looking at with microscopes for 75 years prior! Then 8 years later, inspired by Hooke’s published work, along comes Anton, who was interested in science out of sheer pleasure, with a child like curiosity, (even though he was an older man in life) was the first to have the foresight to turn the microscope inwards, to the human body.

How did this discovery come about?

I truly believe this is the universe’s way of making a joke. It was out of love, that the human cell was first discovered. Not in some big fancy university, by men with their fancy degrees, but in a man’s home. It’s almost romantic really, love and luck, the universe definitely threw us a bone! A very specific set of circumstances had to take place for this discovery to come about;

    • For one, Anton happened to be one of the best in the world at making microscope lenses by grinding the glass.
    • This, combined with the fact that he had amazing, above average eyesight, combined with the fact that he also and had the practical knowledge, know-how and skill to adjust lighting just right, made this discovery all the more magnificent.
    • If any one of those factors had not been in place, not to mention Anton’s desire and curiosity to use his skills, who knows how many more years, decades or even centuries it might have taken for someone to have made this discovery. They’d already had the microscope for 83 years at this point!

With this very specific set of skills, Anton was able to magnify items up to 200 X what the human eye alone was capable of. I’m thinking he was probably considered to be an odd fellow in his day, even hiring an illustrator to draw the “creatures” he discovered under the lenses. This reminds us, even now, to be who your meant to be and not worry what other people may think of you.

So it took another million or so magnifications for us to finally see the Atom, but I believe we still have Anthony Van Leeuwenhock to thank for this, the beginning of our scientific journey inward.

The universe has always been a “Tease”

It’s also funny to me, another joke by the universe, that the atom was first conceptualized way back in 400 BC, but not seen until 1956. Erwin Welhelm Muller and his assistant, Kanwar Bahadur were the first people to experimentally observe atoms. Before this it had already been shown that photons emit a positive electrical charge. The number of photons (the amount of positive energy) is the defining property of an element, so therefore is the defining property of all that has been, or ever will be, created in our universe.

Mystics have known all along!

Even though this knowledge has been around for so long, the true implications of what this means are still being discovered. We have since proven what mystics have known for thousands of years, that everything, humans, animals, all matter- each has a unique energy field. Not only that, but that humans have the ability to manipulate, change, and direct this energy field, with profound results.

The concept of “Awareness” or “Consciousness” have had to be adapted with this newfound information. For example, it has been proven that even plants, are very aware of not only their surroundings, but they are also aware of our thoughts!  I would highly recommend reading “The Field” by Lynne Mctaggart for more information on these studies. This shouldn’t be surprising, given the discovery of brain waves. We are literally sending out waves just like a radio tower, and everything in the world around us acts as a receiver. There are a few enlightened individuals, you are probably one of them considering you are reading this, that have begun to see the potential effect that our thoughts and energy have on the world around us. I have personally seen the results of my spells, rituals, and meditations come to fruition on many occasions. We are only now realizing that we are not separate from this world, but very much a part of it. It is all connected. We may think that our nightly mantra can only be heard by ourselves, but the fact is, the whole universe is receiving your message LOUD AND CLEAR and will act accordingly!

So again, I ask you, what is Magick? To put it quite simply, Magick is the manipulation of energy. It is both spiritual and yet it is scientific.